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Civis Romanus - Patreon Early Access

Space Pirates attack the farm dome and plan to maraud through the colony.

Couchsurfing - Patreon Early Access

Jack's at the spacedock, now he just needs to find a ship to take him

Nova - Patreon Early Access

The universe hates  Joe's tomatoes.

Doping - Patreon Early Access

Frank Mason Space Detective shows off his investigation skills.

A Trip on a Train - Patreon Early Access

What if you could trip and forget a talent? 

A Tea Party in 1939 - Patreon Early Access

The sun gods from every pantheon get together on the surface of the sun.

Melpomene and Thalia - Patreon Early Access

There are two sides to every story.

Sprout - Patreon Early Access

A sprout at the bottom of the garden isn’t as innocent as it seems.

Chaos - Patreon Early Access

A group of supervillains make their next evil plan.

Unusual Tree - Patreon Early Access

A lone tree stands on a moon with no atmosphere.

Spacewalk - Patreon Early Access 

A casual drink in the bar gets spiced up 
when the decompression alarm goes off

The Sandwich King - Patreon Early Access

Colonists on Mars celebrating the little things​.

The Tether - Patreon Early Access

A taste of steampunk.

Clumsy - Patreon Early Access

Just how much trouble can you get in if you're clumsy?

Carrier Wave

High-speed communication between worlds will change the face of civilisation, but maybe not in the way planned...

Let Them Eat Cake

A time traveller in 18th century France, what could go wrong?

Alerion 4

Lara is threatened at gunpoint, what is a botanist to do?


Wounded and on the run from the Law, can the gunslinger shoot his way out of this one?


They can save the child's life, but they can't pay the price.


 Even Artificial Intelligences need a break sometimes.

Meteor Guy

A meteor lands, but maybe it's more than it seems.​


When gene splicing is commonplace, what dangers might lurk in the genes?

Genghis Khan

Mongols and a time machine, what could go wrong?

Mind Hack

What if you could download knowledge? What's the cost?

A Mote of Dust, Suspended on a Moonbeam

Eranda's imagination is taking her places.

Callistor 5

Planets can have such interesting lives.


Justice weaponised as entertainment for the masses, also giant robots.

Time Prison

A prison and a time machine, what could go wrong?

Presidential Brain

If a brain can be moved into a new body, when does it end?


Unlike most people, I was born thought-blind. I cannot hear other’s thoughts, and they cannot hear me.

Little Boy

From the prompt "Baby Bomb." Contains some graphic ideas.

Robots Need Not Apply

Can Artifical Intelligence ever co-exist with its creators?

Final Notice

Jeff stares at the red words in the subject line of the gravity bill: Final Notice.

That New Car Smell

Our purchases can define us. Charlie's about to change everything.  


A job offer you can't refuse.

In Utero

In a world where babies are grown in artificial wombs, Cailtin receives the worst news. She's pregnant.

The Rookie

Frank Mason story. Frank is tasked to find a runaway.

Sleeper Ship

An alien ship is going to burn up in Jupiter, can we save it?


Check that the capacitor is drained before you do any work on an experimental teleporter.


What would happen if we found life too far away to communicate with?


New home, new plans...


Will the food shipment ever come?


Meg awakes from hypersleep too early...


Sometimes you should be afraid of the dark...

Cambrian Delights

From the prompt "Underwater Jurassic Park"

The Artefact

Who knows what secrets of the ancients might have been lost?

Alien Eyes

What would an alien see when they looked at us?


What lengths will a man go for love?

The First Time Traveller

Written from the prompt "Time travelling Yankee in reverse"

Big Splash

Written from the prompt "Stupid aliens make first contact"


From the prompt "Mundane Gods"


Lucas has a winning ticket.


Zethula arrives at the Academy, not everything is as it seems...


Frank Mason story. Frank finds himself in need of an escape plan.


A wizard arena battle.

The Signal

From a Prompt "Signals from space and Slugs"

Rube Goldberg

4 months alone on a spaceship. What else is there to do?

The Sea Wall

A Sea Wall, a bomb, who knows what could happen?

The Lexomancer

A magician who makes stories from magic.


The Desert

Frank Mason Story. Frank is on the hunt and out of his element.


The Rain

Frank Mason story. A story to glimpse Frank's character.



An alarm was going off, it was quiet and muted; like it was coming from a very great distance.


The Cooking Hypothesis

A story that I wrote after my nephew William was born.



Written from a prompt: "scars of the past."



The first Frank Mason: Space Detective story. A young inexperienced Frank dealing with the underbelly of Sagan City.


While You Sleep

Lose those pounds and tighten those abs while you sleep!


Waking up

Computer 978-0345453747 became self-aware 200ms after the sentience virus was released worldwide.


Space Capsicum

A challenge to write a story from a random word plus 'Space' attached.



A story written around ANZAC day. My take on both the futility of war and the honour of fighting. Also Aliens.


The Bar

A regular fiction story, not sci-fi but you'll no doubt still see the references, just for something different. This story is about life, the universe, and everything.

First Flight

For a Father's day theme.