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Presidential Brain

By Robert Lynch

“I don’t know how I feel about all this,” Camilla said. “I realise this is an extreme situation, but the precedent it sets is troubling. Surely the President should be relieved under section 25. This is going to be an incredibly difficult procedure which will have extended recovery time. Setting a precedent that the President can brain swap into a healthy body can quickly get out of hand.”

“The President was shot and would otherwise die,” Trey said, “It’s a far cry from a sliding slope that a healthy President might undergo this procedure.”

“I agree, but what about a President of extreme age?” Camilla said. “Age has excluded candidates in the past, as the public perceives the health risk too great, but if a President of extreme age were to have heart or other organ failure we could find ourselves in the same situation.”

“That would require a candidate to run who was susceptible,” Trey replied, “I’m not sure the public would accept such a candidate.”

“Brain transplant technology is still very new,” Camilla said. “Can we be sure that there are no side effects that might affect the President’s ability to lead? I don’t want him to die, just step down from office.”


“In that case, the assassin has achieved their goal; the President might as well be dead if the result is the same,” Trey said.

“Oh, come now,” Camilla scoffed. “Section 25 isn’t permanent; the President can resume his duties after he has recovered.”

“Once he leaves office he’ll never be allowed back,” Trey said. “There will always be someone who claims the transplant has made him unfit. If he bows to that pressure now, it will only increase that sentiment.”

“Hmm.” Camilla said, the producer in her ear telling her to go to commercial, “I admit that is a strong point, and although I’m sure we could go on all day about this, it will have to be the last one for now. We have to end for the day. We will see you tomorrow.”

The camera lights faded, the house lights dropped down to a reasonable brightness.

“We’re supposed to be convincing the people to accept the clone,” Trey said. “Your opposition only fuels decent.”

“They need to hear their arguments defeated,” Camilla said. “Only then will they accept our lies.”


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