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The Heraldic List of Awesome


As a special thank you to my Patrons who have donated towards my writing, below is the list of the most awesome people I know. 

The King of Awesome is the first amongst the Patrons. This person has proven to be the most awesome fan of my work and is recognised as such. While most likely to be the highest overall contributor to Patreon, the bestowment of King is up to my discretion.

The King and the Lords of Awesome are also recognised by having their own heraldic sigils. 

Merchant Guildspeople and Lords have early access to monthly Frank Mason Short Stories.

All Patreons have access to weekly Patreon exclusive flash fiction stories.

If you would like the bragging rights of having your name appear on the List, please go to to check out exclusive Patron perks.


Special Thanks to:

Awesome Crown.png

King Of Awesome

Zevan Art

Lords of Awsome


Merchant Guildspeople of Awesome

Plebs of Awesome

Michael Thornton

Madeleine Davenport


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