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That New Car Smell

By Robert Lynch

“This model is a good one.” The salesman said. “Very low mileage, it’s attractive, and very efficient. I can do you a good price if you’re interested.”

Charlie looked it up and down. “Actually, I was looking for something… a little more… feminine.”

The salesman’s eyebrows shifted only slightly. “We can offer that. But I warn you, if you aren’t compatible it can result in side effects for both you and the model. If that happens, you will carry those side effects even if you change out, and that model’s resale value is dropped because it can only be sold for parts. Even a compatible buyer would have side effects if they bought the model second hand.”

“I’ve thought about it for a long time,” Charlie said. “I just don’t feel right in this model.”


“There are some extra forms for you to sign, which go through the risks in detail.” The salesman said. “Personally, I’m a stickler for making sure that people know what they are signing up for and the risks, so I’d ask that you read through them thoroughly. Normally the official documents are straight forward, but often in a case like this people want to change their identities. We do offer that service as well; we try to be a one-stop-shop for our clients and make their lives as easy as we can.”

“No, thanks,” Charlie said, “I know it will be a shock for people, but I’m not starting a new life, I don’t think I need to change anything else… Unless you think I should? What do most people do?”

“Well,” the salesman replied, “A change like this is an opportunity to change other aspects of life as well, and a lot of people take that opportunity. However, it is a very personal choice, highly dependent on factors like how tolerant and acceptant your friends and family are. I would say those who keep their identity are in the minority, but keep in mind that I don’t see our clients once they leave, I couldn’t make a judgement on which group would end up happier. What I will say is that your subconscious mind knows your situation and it isn’t biased by anxiety or self-deception, so your first instinct is probably the right way to go.”

Charlie nodded slowly.

“What I can do for you is give you my details, if it turns out you need to make a different choice you can contact me directly, and I can draw up the paperwork.” The salesman said. “If we were to do it separately it would be more expensive, but if you contact me I’ll refund you the model’s cost, and charge you for the package that includes the identity paperwork to keep your costs at what they would be if you made that choice today.”

“Thank you,” Charlie said.

“Now.” The salesman said. “Your first female body will be a big adjustment, so want to make sure that it is as perfect a fit as we can make it. What are you looking for in your new body?”


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