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Temporal Insurance Policy

By Robert Lynch

The car roared as it mounted the curb and headed straight for Teresa.

Time stopped.

She couldn’t move.

A portal opened next to the car, and a young man wearing a cheap suit stepped out.

“Miss Volstrum?” He asked, “My name is Peter Foley. I am an insurance adjuster with BDF.”

Teresa couldn’t speak.

“Oh, my apologies,” Peter said, tapping at a small phone-sized appliance, “I forgot to widen the temporal adjustment field.”

The pressure was gone, and Teresa collapsed, breathing heavily.

“Now, you’re being offered an upgrade on your premiums.” Peter said, “at the moment you are not covered by our temporal safety team, but as you can see from this demonstration, intervention at critical times could be invaluable.”

Teresa looked at the frozen car. “What’s happening?”

“Once time starts again, you are going to be hit by that car and killed,” Peter said. “Temporal intervention allows us to act if your life is in danger. Unfortunately, your current coverage doesn’t include it. My job is to offer you a chance to reconsider.”


“You... You can save me?” Teresa said.

“If you sign onto our temporal intervention coverage and pay the first premium,” Peter said.

“If you can save me then I’ll sign whatever you need,” Teresa said.

“Excellent,” Peter said, handing her the appliance, “Just sign here, and we’ll take out the first payment.”

Teresa signed and handed the appliance back to Peter. “Excellent, excellent...” he waited for a moment and frowned. “Hmm... it looks like the initial fee was denied; I’m afraid.”

“What, how much is it?” Teresa asked.

“The initial premium is $420,947. Plus tax.” Peter replied.

“I don’t have that kind of money,” Teresa said.

Peter frowned, “You don’t? You are Teresa Volstrum of 37b Palmis Drive?”

“No, I live on Barracuda Terrace,” Teresa replied.

“I’m sorry, we must have got our records mixed up. I’m terribly sorry for the inconvenience. Well, I best be off.” Peter said, turning toward the portal.

“Wait!” Teresa yelled, “I’m happy to pay, can’t we work out a payment plan or something?”

“I’m sorry Miss Volstrum,” Peter said, “It is against financial regulations to allow you to enter into a contract we know you cannot pay. Good day.” He turned and disappeared through the portal.

Time began to move again, and so did the car.


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