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  • Robert Lynch

The importance of sleep

In a spat of sweet irony, I’m foregoing sleep to write this. I work permanent nights and sleep during the day. For the first 2 weeks of the new content schedule I did fine, but a confluence of evil found a way to break my sleeping pattern and make things very difficult. We had a heat wave which contained the hottest day on record and the landlord is selling my house.

Because of this I didn’t get more than 3 hours sleep each day last week, which made it very hard to do anything except sit and drool on myself. Typically, I write when I get up, because I find it hard to write after work. Well, I spent the whole week pooped. Which made it hard to write at any time. I missed days of content and I didn’t do anything constructive.

I will pick up the pace now that a cool change has rolled in and get back up to date with the content over this week. I still haven’t finished making the website pretty, which mostly I’m procrastinating because if it isn’t pretty then I don’t have to advertise it, and if I don’t advertise it then no one will read it to know that I have missed days of content. Except for the fact that I’m writing it here, so I guess now you know about it.

By the end of next weekend, I will be back up to date with content and I will make the website pretty enough to start advertising. Once that happens I will have a much harder time procrastinating if I know people are watching me be lazy, which I think I need to keep up my momentum.

With that said I’m going to get straight back to work. See you tomorrow.


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