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The renewed push from last week came to a screeching halt when I went to record the podcast and my computer refused to recognise the microphone. Something occurred during the move that made the computer throw a hissy fit. After so long and annoying troubleshooting I finally got the thing working but it ate up all the time I had on the weekend to record, so no podcast this week, I will start it up again next Friday.

Along with the renewed push for writing content I also have to stop being so slack with twitter, I’ve been intermittently posting random things and I need to spend a solid couple of hours writing content so that I always have content on hand and therefore seem much more engaging and funny than I actually am.

On the positive side, I did get 2 stories out last week and realised that I have published 20 flash stories; building up a decent list of stories on the site. In a way it almost feels like a threshold was passed where there is starting to be a solid amount of content on the site. There comes a point where I can look at the work laid out there and use it buoy myself up on the hard days. At some point it’s hard to believe that you can’t get the work done when you have already done so much. Even though Resistance immediately jumps in and tells you that you could have got way more work done if you hadn’t been so lazy. Ironic since Resistance is the reason you didn’t get that work done, but cares little for reason or truth – it preys on emotion.

More on Resistance in this week’s podcast, as it will be the topic.

Until next week.


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