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I was looking at the titles of the blogs I have been putting up and they are all doom and gloom, so this week I shall at least pretend to be happy.

And there is plenty to be happy about. Tomorrow I will publish my 18th flash fiction, 7 of those Patreon exclusive stories. As the portfolio builds and I am able to see it laid out, it actually helps to motivate me to do more. When that little voice tells me that I can’t put out content, I now have physical evidence that I can look at to tell that little voice to bugger off.

Similarly, the podcast has reached 5 episodes and is starting to have that same effect. Episode 5 only took 3 hours to produce, a significant improvement from the gargantuan 9-hour Episode 3. Although I have to admit that I think it’s a better podcast if I have a script to work from rather than a loose collection of dot points. Still, I just have to get better at being more off-the-cuff; a skill that it won’t hurt to have regardless. I listen to a lot of podcasts at work, so I console myself that it is ok to find your way as the episodes go on, you don’t need to have a polished finished product necessarily. Still, it’s good to improve, both to make a better listening experience and to continue to improve my own skills.

One thing that I didn’t think about when I decided to make a podcast is that I don’t like public speaking. I can do it, but there are people out there that thrive on it and I’m not one of them. It’s a little easier being behind the computer screen than standing in front of a crowd, so long as I don’t think about it.

As part of my push forward, I am going to put the podcast up on iTunes, Stitcher, etc on the 1st of September. Right now no one is listening to it and that might remain the case even after it’s on the podcast sites, but that is really not something that I want to think in-depth about. Don’t get me wrong, I like to see the data on downloads and the analytics, but no downloads is a protective barrier from all the people who will no doubt not like what I do. The internet is cold and full of trolls and I haven’t had to deal with many of them.


Work is getting done, Footy season is almost over, which will allow to push on with some other time-consuming projects, and I’m feeling pretty good about things.


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