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Double trouble

This “week” is a catch-up week, so I’m at double time. If I can get two pieces done per day, it will get me all caught up before the 1st of September.

I got episode seven of the podcast done yesterday in a little over 2 hours, which I am really happy with. It was a couple of minutes shorter than I’d have liked, I am trying to make them around 30 minutes long, but the main topic varies in size. I don’t want to just vamp filler in order to get to a length, if I run out of interesting stuff to say then it’s time to stop and wrap up. In order to slimline the time spent on the podcast I am using an outline that I fill with dot points to keep me somewhat on point. I worry that this method leaves me wandering and ranting a little more and a little less polished than it could be, but I hope that with time I will become more proficient at vamping around the outline.

I am really happy with last week’s story “Lottery.” I feel like it is the best flash piece I have written so far and it’s good to feel that I am getting better at hitting the short format. The reason I like it so much is that one second I feel like I was too heavy-handed, the next I feel like I wasn’t explicit enough. I’m assuming that this isn’t because I’ve gone mad (although that could be the case) but rather because it strides that happy medium where there are just enough hints to get the story without tipping into ham-fisted territory.

I’ve got no time to waste today I still need to crank out a story about “Aliens make stupid first contact” then, if there’s time, get in a nap before work.


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