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It's Alive!

I just finished submitting the podcast rss to a sack of podcast distributors. The podcast is live! Yep, I’m freaking out. Now I have to live up to making a new episode every week. The idea of the podcast was to funnel people to the website to see what I’m up to and read my stories, so I have to take it seriously. With this step, it also means that I can’t slouch on any of the other content responsibilities, from now on I am telling people about what I’m doing.

Up until today, I could put my writing second when I had to. Now I have to put it first. The whole point of all of this, now months’ worth of work, is to build an audience for my work. This day has been coming the whole time, that I wouldn’t be able to hide any longer and I would have to commit.

Even though nothing has really changed, my stuff has been public on my website for months; this is a threshold that shifts how I see it in my mind. I haven’t been talking about my writing on social media, but now it’s time to start casually adding it into my content when things are new. I’ve been slack on social media for the last couple of days, time to rack up some content after I finish writing this tonight.

I had trouble sorting out putting the podcast on Apple, so I’ll have to chase that up tomorrow. Hopefully, the podcast will be accessible by the end of the week, but if you have a podcast distributor that you’d like me to put it on, send me a message.

I’m still looking for a graphic artist for ebook covers and new stuff for my website, so I need to flick off some more messages tonight. I have done the editing for the first compilation; now I just need a good looking cover to attract people to it on Amazon et al.

This week I want to buckle down and get the structure for Frank Mason’s season completed over the weekend. I have family commitments this week, so I’ll have to manage my time wisely and not too much playing computer games.

Wish me luck.


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