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It has only been two weeks since I started publicly pushing my work. Views to the website have risen markedly, so clearly the strategy is working, and people are now seeing my stuff more than ever before.

It’s weird; I don’t feel as much pressure to produce work now that I have to get the work done on time because people can see, even though I’m certain that no one actually cares enough to notice if I was late. The human mind is a fickle and weird creature, no doubt. I was struggling to catch up with the content for ages, and now that I have it makes writing more feel a lot easier because it is comparatively less work. I wish I’d know that would work before I started all this, although when I re-launched the website at the start of the year I got behind because I was still trying to get the website organised. I was doing a tonne of work but not getting the content done, and I didn’t feel the same when the work lessened back then.

I find myself worrying more that I’m not getting more done, even though this strategy is a very long game. I’m not going to have good data about whether any of this is working for six months to a year. I find myself wanting to run ahead and at the same time wanting to stay the course. I really don’t know if I’m coming or going and I hope that settles down a bit.

I started to organise adding in new things last week when I added new columns to my content schedule spreadsheet. For now, it’s weekday content and the monthly newsletter, but I need to start sending out content to websites to bring in more views and writing stories for submission, and I need to get Frank Mason started.

I think this week I want to nail down the schedule for these new things and get started, without going too far.


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