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Business Time

So the weekend was a bust. I had social things (read copious drinking) to do on Friday and Sunday, and I spent Saturday sleeping off the day before and preparing for the next day.

For the last two weekends, I have kept my usual night hours on the weekends and had no social things to do. I spend the weekends of winter down at the footy club volunteering, but when the summer comes around I tend to keep my night hours. After just two weeks the loneliness is getting to me. That’s probably not a good start to the summer. It’s the night worker’s plight. Either keep night hours, get plenty of rest but feel alone; or be awake during the day on weekends, be social but be bone tired. As far as I can tell there is no middle ground. Oh well, write more and be happy… that’s the path of the coming summer.

Since the weekend I have started to plot out Frank Mason’s season 1 arc. I have been overwhelmed by the moving parts as I laid them down into the spreadsheet (yet another spreadsheet for my life to revolve around). My plan of releasing each short story per month means I can’t change episode 1 when episode 12 comes out, which means that every drop of foreshadowing has to be in the first episode 11 months before I write the last piece. It’s certainly a daunting task. But hey, I can do several variable calculus with a pen and paper, this story is only slightly harder than that. Right?

I’ve sent out messages for a graphic artist for ebook covers. One of the graphic art firms I messaged got back to me this week and told me they would do covers for $300-500 each. I’m sure it would be good work, but there’s no way it can add that much value, or I can come close to recouping any of that in sales. I can buy pre-made covers for $60-200 each; I’m talking about 18 sales per year and an upfront swag of social and website pics, I don’t expect it to be the same cost as the pre-made covers, but some of the cost should be mitigated by the prospect of ongoing sales, shouldn’t it? Ugh… another time when the business side of writing tries to beat me over the head.

Hopefully, one of the freelance artists I’ve hit up can help me out with something a little more fitted to my needs. We’ll see over the next week.


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