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Getting back on the horse

Last week, amongst working six days at work, I slugged on to get caught up again.

My patreon story for last week was problematic in a good way, in that it accidentally took two days to write and finished up at 4000 words. So my goal of getting a Frank Mason short story written this month was achieved, it’s just that I started writing a much smaller story and this one kind of fell out of me.

I have been focusing a lot on analysing detective stories to get into the groove of writing them and clearly this is the result. I couldn’t get out of Frank’s world to do any other work though and that isn’t a very good long term habit. I need to be able to compartmentalise these short and long term jobs, exactly as if they were projects written for clients, to maximise my productivity.

In the last couple of weeks, my productivity has been all over the place, and I haven’t been publishing new stuff on my site at regular intervals. My whole plan to grow a readership revolves around that, and I know that reliability is even more important than quality when it comes to this kind of content model.

I also bought a new microphone today, so the podcast should sound a little better. I’m not going to bother with building out a sound box/cupboard for recording. The podcast has improved, and I do not need to get bogged down in tiny sound improvements when I still have bigger fish to fry.

Chief among those is I need to redouble my effort for a graphics person to do book covers. By the end of next week, I’ll have two compilations and this Frank Mason short that will need covers. I need to start getting those ebooks out.

Even that is a job for tomorrow, because I still have writing do to today; so I’m going to get straight to it.


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