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  • Robert Lynch

The onslaught of Christmas Star Wars

Star Wars Episode 9 comes out in a little over a month. The Mandalorian TV show came out this week. The computer game Star Wars: Fallen Order comes out tomorrow. There’s Star Wars everywhere. I’m like a kid in a candy store, or a scifi nerd in a time when a bunch of Star Wars properties come out.

When Solo came out, and flopped big time, we were told that it was due to “Star Wars fatigue” an idea that one Star Wars property per year was enough to turn off the public. In the next 6 weeks we will have 3 properties all vying for profitability. Admittedly it’s not exactly like for like, in that Movies, TV, and computer game are different genre, but the audience for all three properties are the same. The nerds who are excited about these properties and are the most likely to purchase them are the same people who Disney blames for Solo’s failure. Solo’s failure is entirely its own fault. It’s poorly written and slaps cannon in the face, marring a pre-established character. Like Lando and the self-aware droid L3-37 (“If droids could think, they’d be one of us here would there” – Obi-Wan) the prequel story tries to take characters places that they shouldn’t go, but I should get back to the point.

If Disney were right in 2018, then a new season of flops is about to happen, “Star Wars fatigue” will again grip the fans and none of these properties will be truly successful.

Since the Mandalorian’s first episode got 95% critic and 94% audience ratings on rotten tomatoes, we can expect the reviews for Fallen Order and Rise of Skywalker to affect that rating as the episode some out. By episode 7 of the Mandalorian, when Rise of Skywalker hits cinemas, we can expect terrible reviews of everything.

I guess we’ll see.


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