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Catching a tiger by its tail

First week back at work after my week off. How did I go? I wanted to put writing first, but the truth is when it’s your first week off in two years there are more important things to do. I got my walking done, I did social things, I slept well, and I got my room clean. But what of my 42 hours of writing work?

I got about 14 of them done.

I’m still calling the week a success. I lined up a gargantuan amount of things to do in a week off, and in truth, I was never going to get everything on the list done. I had to prioritise, and while normally writing would be on the top of my list; health and mental health won the week.

However, I’m writing this blog two days late. As soon as I got back to work, my sleeping pattern exploded. I’ve not written anything for two days as a result of either being at work, or asleep.

C'est la vie.

So, what other option do I have but to buckle myself into the computer and pump out some words tonight? None.

I also kept up my 10,000 steps per day all last week, then immediately didn’t do any walking before any of my shifts this week. I need to go for a walk today too. I did a little over 7,000 steps at work last night, so I have to go for a quick half-hour trundle tonight to get me over the mark for today. I have found that I feel a bit healthier this week (remarkable really, since I ate café food for like every meal last week) so I don’t want to waste the opportunity that my walks last week have offered me going forward.

Anyhow, I have to write a story from the prompt “Mind hack.”


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