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I’ve been lax in updating things on the website over the last couple of months. The biggest reason is I let the pandemic news into my head again. Not as badly as I did in early 2021, but checking the newsfeed every day to track case numbers and build worry and anxiety that I don’t need. Over the last month, an outbreak in my state has allowed case numbers and supply shortages to bring back bad habits.

I’ve also been trying to finish “The Case of the Girl in a Box.” The free Frank Mason short that I will give to email subscribers. At more than 6000 words and growing, the story will be the largest single story that I’ve published when it’s finished. It’s thousands of words short of being the biggest story that I’ve ever written, with first drafts topping more than 60,000 words in the past. But they will never be published because they had some unreconcilable flaws. I’m doing my best to get this story right, which is why it’s taking so long.

My sole goal for the next year is to increase my published words per day. I published a lot less in 2021 than in the two years before that, and I want to do better this year. Regular website content is back as of now, I also want to change up some of how the website looks and feels. I will push harder to get the Case of the Girl in Box finished and get the new Solar Flare volume 1 published early this year. Once I have that done, and maybe a little bit before, I will start building a bit more web presence. Stories and articles published on other sites will become a more regular occurrence.

Over the last year, I planned to have Crappy Night Job pay the bills while I did all these things, but it let me down in a big way. It is kind of stable for now, so I need to take full advantage and work hard.

First, I will put words on a page; then, I shall show the pages to people. Sounds easy enough.


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