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So May got away from me. Every week something happened to upend my applecart and allow Resistance to get the better of me. My phone broke, and I needed to get a new one. My car needed new tyres. My car broke down. Twice (but the tyres were fine). Each week a new crisis led me to have to break my sleep cycle and be up during the day, while still going to work at midnight.

“I’ll make it up tomorrow.” I must have said a dozen times. Tomorrow came, and I said it again.

It’s easy to make the excuse that life just got in the way, but I can’t honestly say that. I could have got the work done. Instead, Resistance was whispering in my ear that I wouldn’t be productive if I did the work right now, and instead, I should replay every computer game I own.

It turns out the remastered StarCraft is cool. My life is so much more enriched with this knowledge.

I’m in two minds over the break. From one point of view, I should be able to do the work I have set out for myself. From the other perspective, I’m in a situation where I’m asking myself to do overtime every week, and I remember the crashes I had in my uni days doing that. The crashes always had a long tail time of doing nothing, where I would then be in a situation where I had to do overtime to catch up, and the cycle would begin again.

Balance. Balance worked back then, and it will work now. The fact that I did months without crashing (not that there weren’t some teething issues) shows that I’m at least on the right track.

I’m going to think about taking Saturdays off. Footy is restarting soon, and so that will probably force that anyway, even so, if I take the pressure off of a seven day week I might be stronger for it. Of course, that only works if I’m hitting my two hours writing every weekday so that I can justify taking time off, where many Saturdays have been spent catching up on content I didn’t get done during the week. I’ll see how this week goes.

With this week I’m starting over again. There won’t be any free stories this week, because I released some stories early, and I need to get back to 16 Patreon stories.

I’m dusting myself off and getting back on the trail.


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