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By the 1st of September, I want to have The Case of the Girl in the Box finished. I’ve been working on this short story for a long while. It is at 10,000 words at the moment, so it’s heading into novella territory, and there is still the final climax and resolution to write for the first draft. Then the second edit might reshape some of the first draft, so who knows how long it might finish up as. This is the story I want to have as a free download for those who sign up to my email list. Then I need to write a regular email newsletter.

With The Case of the Girl in the Box finished, I have to publish Solar Flare Volume 1 an anthology of the first 50 flash fiction stories I wrote for my website. The plan is to release a new volume every time I’m fifty stories ahead on the website, and at two new stories a week, I’ll be adding to the catalogue every six months or so. This will be an ebook, audiobook, and a physical softcover (although the cut from print on demand may cut the margin on the softcovers to nothing).

Over the next three weeks, that means I only have to: complete the weekly website content, finish the first draft of The Case of the Girl in the Box, then write the second draft (hopefully, it doesn’t need more, or I’m screwed), do the final edit, record the audiobook, make the cover, and publish it. After that, I still have to do a final edit on Solar Flare, edit the cover I have for it, record the audio for that, and publish that.

It seems so simple when you have it all written out.


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