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Last week got away from me.

The first easing of restrictions came on Monday, allowing travel into rural Australia, so I decided to go to my Brother's place for the weekend. This shouldn't have dominated the week. Unfortunately, my car has needed new tyres for some time, and I decided that it needed to be done before I left on Friday.

On Monday I rang to book the appointment with the tyre place. I got a Tuesday appointment for 9 am; I told the guy what size tyres they were and I was happy. When I arrived on Tuesday, the guy looked at my car and told me that they did not have the tyres in stock. Furious, I made an appointment to return Wednesday, when they would have the tyres, and returned home.

Wednesday, I get there, and they have the tyres. Marked improvement. "It'll take about an hour," the guy tells me. Great. There is a cafe up the road; I'll get a coffee and some dinner, then get home at a reasonable hour. But it didn't take 'about an hour,' it took more than two hours.

I spent two days just getting new tyres. The disruption to my normal sleeping rhythm tore the entire week asunder. I had to get them, as my old tyres were worn well below the wear blocks to the point where they were smooth (read: this job was so overdue that the car would shudder when I went over 80km/h).

Because of the disruption, I unravelled. I didn't get any writing done, and I felt bone tired the whole week.

I did get my walking in. Week 1, I came in short, barely doing anything on the weekend due to torrential rains. Week 2, which was last week, I averaged 8000 steps per day. I'm going to keep my current goal of 7500 steps per day until the end of May, then aim to increase to 10000 steps.

This week I will not be buying things. I shall get my writing done.

Next week I have a week off. I have already built a massive list of things to do, which I know I won't achieve. Next Monday I will make a plan for the week which is hopefully achievable.


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