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Keep Going

The next Solar Flare is out! Volume 2 was published on Sunday and is now available on Amazon, Kobo, and ibooks (it’s still pending on a few other providers and if you would like it available on a specific distributor let me know). It is just the kick in the pants I needed after last week.

With sleep at an all-time low, I didn’t get much out last week. The blog, two free stories, and the podcast were all I managed, but I did edit the next Volume of Solar Flare and put that out. I was feeling the dark fingers of depression groping me after getting so little done for the week, but getting the email that I had published a new short fiction piece washed it away.

If anything can be taken from the wreckage of last week, it’s this: Keep going.

When faced with a dangerous situation, some people fight; some people freeze; some people run away. I have no plans to run away. The people who freeze when the monster reveals itself get eaten. I have no plans to get eaten either.

You can’t climb a mountain by standing still. Sometimes you have backtrack and take a different path, but if you stay in the death zone, you will eventually succumb. Keep an eye of the prize and head toward it. That doesn’t mean that running around blind making terrible decisions.

Make a plan. Try it. If it works, keep going, if it fails, make a new plan.

Progress can sometimes be made with simple bullheadedness, but for the most part, blind determination will not be progress. You can’t climb in the dark, so take that time to get your rest and be ready to move when first light comes. Be careful of the route you take. Climbers prefer to take a path that is less than 25 degrees or more than 45 degrees, because in the middle is the ground most likely to have rockslides. Pick your route based on the best information you have, and be wary that there are other dangerous on the climb and look out for them.

Make a plan. Try it. If it works, keep going, if it fails, make a new plan.

Rest when you need to, but don’t stand still, keep going.


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