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Lists, Unlimited Lists!

On Friday, on my break at work, I scribbled down a list of jobs that I need to do to get my web presence in order. I found out that I had missed a crucial form to get my ebooks published on Amazon, so that was job number 1. But a huge list of jobs quickly filled up the rest of the page, and more jobs have added to that list since.

I like lists. Well, I like crossing things off of lists. I don’t so much like working through them, but that’s life. As the Friday list began to fill out as jobs for the weekend, I knew there was no chance that I could get it all done over just the weekend; but I was happy to have direction to move in the future. I got a whole bunch of things crossed off the list (the crossed off ones).

The Amazon snafu was resolved, and by Saturday both of the current ebooks I had pending (Crash and Solar Flare Volume 1) were published. I made up the landing pages for both of the ebooks and edited the current podcast landing page to add quick links to common podcast providers.

I also decided to run some ads. I will admit that it may be unwise to run ads now, since they are unlikely to be effective with such a small audience; however, I need to build regular readers and if that means investing some money to do so then it’s a cost I’m willing to spend. If I had infinite time to work I would focus more on link building, collaborative blogs and podcasts, and audience building that can be done for no or little investment. But, I don’t have infinite time. While it may cost a little more to build an audience this way, by using the dark arts of Facebook pixels and Google algorithms I may, I stress may, be able to start some momentum with what resources and time I have now.

Outside of such things, I have started to optimise my Patreon by tagging all the posts so that both patrons and passersby can more easily categorise them. I still want to have a look at the thank you page and maybe write up an exclusive story to say thank you for subscribing.

I need to focus on building an email list, which I have been terrible at. But all the research shows that email lists are still the big dogs of content marketing and I would be a fool not to utilise them.

I’m planning on adding the Podcast to YouTube. It’ll still be released as audio, but adding it to YouTube as well will increase my reach. Of course, that also has to be done well or there is no point, dumping the audio on YouTube would be a waste of time, so I am developing a simple animation for the visuals. While a lot of work upfront to get working, once I have the assets, it should make it very easy to add a new podcast to YouTube. In theory.

The last thing on my list was to get a week’s worth of work done in advance, a goal I have had for more than a year and never achieved. I’m going to have to get better at hitting deadlines that only I can see because I do OK when it’s public (still some work needed), but when it’s private, I’m terrible.


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