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This past week I had a week off from work. Like the last time that happened, I planned to do work; then didn’t do any. Well, I did my base content. From the perspective of climbing the mountain toward becoming entirely supported by my words, I went nowhere.

It’s well known that productivity is connected to wellbeing, so as much as I berate myself for spending some time relaxing, I also acknowledge that burnout from doing too much is worse. After 32 years I have yet to find the balance in my life between apathy and burnout, instead, bouncing from one to the other like a pinball; I suppose I probably shouldn’t expect to find such a balance.

I have plenty of work to do at the moment, here is the list of most essential steps to tackle on the next leg of my climb:

· I need to add buttons to the stories on my website to help readers go to the next story

· Finish ‘Graduation’ the Frank Mason story I will give away for free when people sign up to my email list

· The next Solar Flare

· Finish ‘The Case of the Girl in the Box’

· Finalise my plan for the first Frank Mason series

· Reach out to guest blog on related websites

· Write some stories for magazines/contests

· Finalise the plot for ‘The Martian Ark’

· Write the first season of Frank Mason

· Write The Martian Ark

· Convert the podcast to put on YouTube

· Nap

I can definitely do that last one.

Obviously, this isn’t a list for just this week, but if I can chip away at some part of this list each week, I’m sure I will be moving toward the peak of the mountain.


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