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Starting the New Year on the Back Foot

I had planned to work over the Christmas/New Year period with the same pattern as normal. This was a terrible plan in hindsight. I don’t get time off work during this period; in fact, the intensity at work increases. I should have learned my lesson from last year, where I was trying to start the new website and make a bank of work, but I didn’t. The lesson that I should have learnt from last year was that this period is one of the hardest to work through, but admittedly the data was hidden because of the workload I was trying to produce.

After watching Rise of Skywalker, I began writing a review. That review ended up being 9500 words long. Where in the normal schedule I would have produced around 3000 words, I wrote a lot more but produced nothing. Oh well, you live and you learn, I suppose. That review will be coming out soon, and I will spend this weekend catching up on the work I was supposed to do this week — not a great start to the year. But, If I learned one thing from last year, it is that I can put my shoulder to the grindstone when I have to.

I need to have content made that I can use when life gets in the way, funnily enough, I was talking about that this time last year, but now I have to do it (which I also said last year). Looking back on 2019, I did about half the base content I set out to do and wrote only one short story for the year. While this is technically a failure, it’s also more work than I have ever published before. Looking to 2020 I want this year to be a big one. Last year built a blueprint of what I want to do; this year will be laying the foundations. The same amount of weekday content, except this year I don’t want to miss any weeks, as well as Season 1 of Frank Mason. If I can get other work done and published that would be great, I also need to increase my regular readers. I’m not going to set a goal for that per se, other than to see it go in a positive direction.

It’s going to be a big year ahead, and only I can do the work to make it successful.


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