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These boots were made for walking

The same as with the end of the calendar year, the end of the financial year always makes me introspective. For the last couple of weeks, I have been focussing backwards. Well, enough. The time’s over for thinking, and it’s now time for doing.

I’ve been strict on myself for the last couple of weeks, that I don’t play video games during the week. Of course, instead of getting more work done, I have just watched more TV. I’m not going to cut TV out entirely, but unless it’s for a review, I’m not watching shows before my work is done.

With local footy back, it has been hard to acclimatise. With training two nights a week and games during the day on Saturday, it has been a struggle to get there, let alone write around it. The solution is simple, stop working nightshifts. Since that has at least another six months to go, I should endure through the rest of this season and try not to do it again next year. Community footy is a privilege in this current world, and many people are struggling with far worse problems. Unlike video games or TV, footy is usually the only social interaction I have for the week, and one thing I have learned from nearly three years of nightshift is that some social interaction is vital.

If I’m achieving my hour before and after work plan, then I should have time to build long term projects on the weekend. When I’ve stuck to that plan, I’ve got the week’s base content done easily. While I don’t feel that I’ve got the base content entirely under control, I know what I need to do to get it done; now I just have to do it regularly.

My goal from now on is to be moving forward each week. Getting the base content done is no longer the bare minimum because if I only get that done, I’m simply spinning my wheels, I need to feel that I have moved forward each week. There’s no magic sauce for this, other than to get my butt in the seat and start.


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