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Ugh, new things. I hate new things

My web host decided to change my blog manager this week. Ugh. I hate new things already, but new things that I didn’t choose, I hate them worst of all. Now I need to learn how to use this new manager, which is full of bugs. Currently, the text is the same colour as the background, so the only way I can see anything is to have it highlighted. I have no idea why this is. But I will endeavour to learn this and try not to get frustrated and burn down my computer.

Speaking of new things, after I finish this, I am finishing the editing on Crash, the Frank Mason prequel, and putting it up on ebook providers, like Amazon and Kobo. I have no idea how to do this. More new things! Yay! Oh well, I’m nervously excited to be self-publishing my first short story, so I will get over the pain of exploring the newness. After I put up the book, I then have to re-do a bunch of pages on my website. I need a landing page just for that book; I need to re-organise my homepage and finally deal with my fiction page, which is getting out of hand.

I decided on a name for the compilations; I am going to call them “Solar Flare,” you know, because flash fiction. I need to design and make up a cover for the first volume this week. I know the motif I want; it’s just doing the work and not getting burnt out by trying to do too much at once. I have to stop myself sometimes and remind myself that I don’t need to have everything finished tomorrow and that it is ok to have something on my site that is a place holder. It’s an ongoing battle.

This week looks to be super hot here in Adelaide, so I expect that I will get rubbish sleep and struggle to get any work done at all. We’ll see.


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